As an instructor, you should be able to set an example and be able to show candidates how to control the load.  Now you will hear and read about people doing this exam in different times...the whole thing about speed is it really depends on the type of machine, as well as controlling the load and being 100% focused.  But one thing that needs to be addressed, is that we aren't looking for the fastest test results.  With crane operations in the real world, it is all about controlling that load and being matter how long it takes.

I have personally seen instructors, efficiently or cleanly that can not perform various hands on manipulative exams.  I have also seen and know of classroom prep instructors who don't know the material, read off the PowerPoint, and when asked questions they have no clue, don't have an answer and say "I'll get back to you later"....What kind of example are they setting?  Are they really Heavy Equipment or Crane Operators???  Have they really ever sat in the seat? or Been in a level A suit? or done confined space.

I also know of instructors who don't give a shit about you passing or failing...and the reality is that they want you to fail.  Because you will need to return to retest...costing you more money.  I know of examiners that will tell you on the first day that only 20% of the class will pass these exams...WOW!  Or tell war stories about themselves for 6 hours or all about their toys, boats, bikes, fish camps, etc....Really?  So you already have undue stress added to you before you even test. 

Approximately 90% of our business is word of mouth and repeat customers.  Wonder why????