Don Childers originally started NATIONWIDE CRANE TRAINING back in 2008.  He then brought on Teri Drapeau and eventually Steve Drapeau.  In 2013, Don saw the writing on the walls, and got screwed over as the company he started and founded was taken from him as well as a large amount of money swindled away by them.  SO in May 2013, Don started out on his own again, starting NATIONWIDE EQUIPMENT TRAINING.

Unlike most other instructors and training providers who don't care if you pass or fail, Don Childers is one of the most patient instructors in the training industry and is very passionate about his training materials and cranes.  He averages a 90% to 94% pass / fail rate over all for the past 12 years serving over 4,000 students!...putting his heart and soul into his courses, as well the extra attention for those who need it to ensure their success.  Don has a unique ability to get candidates to past the first go round...including candidates with limited education as well as those having minor language barriers. 

Don has received Honorable Mention from the Crane Hot Line Magazaine's annual "Top Trainer" contest...for the 2nd time!!!


A lot of instructors and training providers will tell you that 20% of you students will pass, and 80%  of you will fail on the first day of class.  The statement could be true only because of their teaching skills and they would rather see you fail, so you will pay them to retest again.  WOW!  Really?  Even worse, you will find instructors and training providers who really don't know the material or really don't know a lot about cranes, heavy equipment, hazmat, or confined space.  These instructors will read off the Power Point instead of putting enthusiasm or related information to the subject.  Some will tell all these great war stories, but they never relate to the subject matter or kill a lot of precious time you need learning about cranes.  Some will just show videos, cause they really have no clue.  Or worse is when they are asked a question, they don't know the answer and say "I'll get back to you with the answer", and they never do.


Our Goal is to provide the highest quality training available...while providing the best customer services and prices.  We are not about gouging clients and individuals like most companies.  With the New Year 2015, things are looking promising, as 80% of our business is word of mouth, and we have reclaimed approximately 75% of previous clients.